Confidence or arrogance?

Last week I was in Peterborough at the Newfrontiers Prayer & Fasting conference. This gathers around 800 Newfrontiers leaders from across the UK for 2 days of worship, prayer, fasting and seeking God. The conference happens 3 times a year and there are often significant prophetic words which come out of it.

This time, I was particularly taken by a prophetic word brought by Neville Jones from Brighton. He felt God speak about not being so afraid of arrogance that we lose our confidence.  Here is some of what he said…

Neville felt God was saying: “I want to speak to you about confidence in God. Some of you are so frightened of arrogance that you’ve thrown out your confidence. I want to say to you, you can’t be too confident in me. You can’t be too confident in a God who saved you. I didn’t come to you when you were slumbering; I came to you when you were dead. Dead people can’t wake themselves up. I have come to you and woken you up. …. Surely you can have confidence in me….. I’m not calling you to triumphalism but truth…. I’m coming to you again today. It’s not arrogance but confidence.”

The line between confidence and arrogance is a very fine one. I know there have been times I have crossed from confidence into arrogance and similarly, there have also been times when I have held back and not been as confident as God intended.

I think the difference is to do with what you put your hope and trust in. If your hope and trust is in your own ability or skills, that can lead you into arrogance. However, if your hope and trust is in God, and in His ability, then you can come away with confidence; not in yourself, but in Him. This is very different to arrogance.

Becoming arrogant is not good and not honouring to God. But losing your confidence is not good and not honouring to God either. God calls us to have a resolute and unshakeable confidence in Him, and then to live in the good of it, that we might accomplish all that He intends – for His glory. Let’s be confident in a great and mighty God who loves us and wants us to be confident in Him!

Reflections on Together on a Mission 2009

It’s been a few weeks now since this year’s Together on a Mission conference. I’ve been meaning to post some comments for a while, but, as ever, life has been busy. I do wonder, those prolific bloggers – how do they get the time?! Anyway, I digress… Brighton…

I have to say, I thought it was great! Terry (Virgo) was outstanding, talking about the history and future of Newfrontiers. He reminded us of some of the things that are important to us as a movement and encouraged us to hold on to these as we move forward. These talks are well worth a listen (free download here) whether you’re new to Newfrontiers or have been around for years.

For the training track, I signed up to the one on preaching with John Hosier, Greg Haslam and Mbonisi Malaba (Bones). This was superb – really practical and very challening! I will be going through the notes with our other preachers at Jubilee.

PJ Smyth closed the conference with an excellent message about keeping it RAW (take Risks, have Authority and be Wild).

Conferences like this remind us of the strengths that are gained from being part of a worldwide family of churches. We are much stronger together than we are apart.

Church planting

I’ve just got back from meeting with a great group of guys where we were talking about church planing across our region. The East Midlands is a huge area, with many towns without a Newfrontiers church. Whilst there are many churches doing an excellent job, we feel that we want to play our part too and planting churches is a great way of reaching people with the Gospel. As a family of churches, Newfrontiers has a goal of seeing 400 churches in the UK. This requires lots of new churches being started and new leaders being trained to lead them. If you want to know more about church planting,  visit