About me

Pymans- 44Welcome to my Blog! I’m married to Sarah and we have 4 school age children. I lead Jubilee Church, a ChristCentral Church in Derby UK and I serve on the ChristCentral Churches apostolic team, which is one of the Newfrontiers apostolic teams. I’m also a Director of the charity which sits behind ChristCentral Churches and a school Governor of two schools in Derby. Sarah and I are also Foster Carers for our local authority and involved in encouraging fostering in the city. This is a blog of my thoughts and comments on various happenings and life in general, but most of it will be about leadership and life in Jubilee and ChristCentral.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Graham,
    Just noticed that someone came to my blog from yours. Thank you for putting up a link. I hope you are encouraged by some of the stories I’ve been writing about.
    Just a note re your link – my name is spelt Loizides and not Lozides as you have it.
    Great if you can correct that one.
    Many thanks once more,


    • Hi Lex – have made the correction. Sorry about that! I enjoy your blog, so please keep going! Regards, Graham.


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