So, who to vote for?

According to the Today Programme this morning, “The latest polls suggest that four-in-ten people still have not decided which party they are going to vote for.” If you are one of them, how are you going to decide? And particularly, if you’re a Christian, who should you vote for? There is no one answer to who you should vote for, but here are my thoughts to help you make a decision.

  1. Pray about it. This might sound obvious, but it is certainly worth stating again. And whilst you’re praying about that, pray also for whoever might be in power on Friday. Paul encourages us to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-3) and that is certainly needed at this time.
  2. Find out what the parties stand for. Think about what issues are important to you, e.g. social justice, care for the poor, education, the economy etc. and then find out what the parties have to say on these subjects. The BBC election website is very good for this and you can also download each manifesto from there. The Christian Institute has compiled a particularly helpful paper outlining some of the major issues and showing where each party stands on them. You can download a copy here.
  3. Make sure you vote! We should be seeking to play our part in society, and part of that is using our vote.

Pray, research and then cast your vote tomorrow. And let’s keep praying for local councillors, politicians and national leaders as they seek to serve us and govern wisely.

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