Reflections on 40 years of Christian Leadership (by John Hosier)

Last Sunday was John Hosier’s final preaching Sunday at Church of Christ the King in Brighton, after 40 years of full-time Christian ministry. He was one of my tutors when I was a student on the Newfrontiers Leadership training course a few years ago and is an excellent teacher. He blogged this on the CCK Life Blog and I thought it worth sharing the headlines here. For anyone in any form of Christian Leadership, this is an outstanding article. You can read the full piece here.

He says this:

During the past 40 years I have led 2 evangelical Baptist Churches, served as a Tutor and Director of Studies at Moorlands Bible College and then for 23 years served as an Elder at Church of Christ the King in Brighton. Looking back there are a number of things I would want to emphasise at this stage of my life…johnho1

1. Have faith in God.
2. Pioneer or Persevere?
3. Be convinced.
4. Implement the vision.
5. Ask more from your people.
6. Play to your strengths.
7. Preaching and teaching.
8. Go for students.
9. Beware the latest fad.
10. Don’t fret too much about those who leave.
11. Use the different ministries.
12. Pay attention to team.
13. Be flexible.
14. Develop an outside interest.
15. Jesus before ministry.

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